Why Stateson


From the neighborhoods and homes we create to the experiences we encourage throughout Virginia, Stateson Homes builds community. And in doing so, building relationships as we go. From our homebuyers, employees and trade partners, to inspiring a new generation of local leaders, we are all connected by home.

Stateson Homes team photo
Todd Robertson photo
Todd Robertson
Nikki Raynes photo
Nikki Raynes
Reid Nicholson photo
Reid Nicholson
Director of Sales and Marketing
Scott Larrowe photo
Scott Larrowe
Director of Construction
Travis Folden photo
Travis Folden
Director of Product Development
Tawanna Blassingame photo
Tawanna Blassingame
Accounts Payable Manager
Luke Phillips photo
Luke Phillips
Project Manager
Adrienne Kingma photo
Adrienne Kingma
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Justin Miller photo
Justin Miller
Project Manager
Monica Rouse photo
Monica Rouse
Settlement Coordinator
Dylan Fariss photo
Dylan Fariss
Office Administrator
Karen Turner photo
Karen Turner
Sales Manager
Jordan Nichols photo
Jordan Nichols
Product Specialist
Bryan Osborne photo
Bryan Osborne
Sales Manager
Jade McManus photo
Jade McManus
Design Center Coordinator
Emily Cochran photo
Emily Cochran
Costing Operations
Peyton King photo
Peyton King
Sales Associate
Jasen Otten photo
Jasen Otten
Service Manager
John Shelor photo
John Shelor
Project Manager
Todd Kidder photo
Todd Kidder
Sales Manager
Dana Robertson photo
Dana Robertson
Model Home Decor Coordinator