Designing Beyond Today.

Designing Beyond Today.

November 27, 2023

For Loren Robertson, an opportunity to return to her roots opened the door to Stateson Homes. As a recent Virginia Tech Hospitality and Tourism Management graduate, Loren is now situated in our historic homebase just off campus, inspired to take her role as New Home Design Coordinator in a new and exciting direction. And although her self-professed love of anything dark and moody in interior design, her approach to assisting homebuyers through the selections process is anything but.

“What most excites me about my new position with Stateson Homes is getting to meet face-to-face with people from all different locations, backgrounds and stages of life,” says Loren. “It’s exciting for me to be a part of creating their dream home whether it’s their starter home or their final home.”

A former Finance and Accounting recruiter for LPX, in a predominately remote position, Loren is embracing the in-person interaction that comes with her new role helping buyers put the finishing touches on an investment that goes well beyond just move in day.

“I think there is value for our buyers to be able to meet with someone who can be transparent with them on design choices that not only are on trend, but on budget,” says Loren. “But being able to give people recommendations on what is good for future resale takes that value to the next level.”

From daily homeowners to a growing list of real estate investors, this new level of customer service is right in line with the customer-first culture that sets a unique standard for Stateson Homes. A company credo that stood out to Loren from day one, it is in these relationships that keep Stateson ahead of the customer care curve.

“All of our Sales Managers provide their actual cell phone number to our customers, so you will always find someone to talk to here,” says Loren. “Our customers get a lot of support.”

Already incorporating her own way of balancing customer care into her role, Loren is coming up with new tools to help buyers who may be intimidated by the design process, in a way to narrow down their preferences even before a sit down.

“Pinterest boards can sometimes be dangerous and overwhelming,” says Loren. “I am preparing my own pre-meeting quiz to help them identify what they are most attracted to and then we can build from there.”

And as for Loren’s other side, the one that prefers dark and moody design, you might just see her influence worked into the selections choices.

“Light and airy sells, but I might just add one black tile to the mix.”