Top Design Elements for Entertaining on Game Day

Let the madness begin! March is here, so this basketball season, why not put the same attention into perfecting your entertaining space as you do creating your bracket! Don’t get stuck saying “alley-OOPS” by not having your space ready when guests arrive. Here are some tips for deciding on the best design and decor for the ideal entertainment space in time for the tournament!

Seating. Be sure not to bench any of your guests when considering seating in your space. The layout is just as important as a lay-up, so make sure everyone has a front row seat to the action! Sectional couches are always perfect if you’re expecting large crowds to join you for the game. Make sure there’s plenty of seating next to small coffee or end tables for food and drinks. Consider the head count, and flow of the space to make sure everyone is comfortable. But the most important thing is that anyone can see the television from any viewing point in the room! Which brings us to our #2 pointer!

Television. Even if you’re not at the actual game, it’s fun to at least feel like you’re there. A big screen HD T.V. is a must to not just watch the games, but be part of them! From the sound system to the pixels, hearing every sneaker screech and seeing the joy on your team’s faces is worth it all in the end.

If a majority of your guests aren’t cheering for a specific team, but instead rooting for their bracket’s success, consider relocating one or two other smaller T.V.s in your house into the main entertainment area with hidden extension cords and propping them up on temporary T.V. stands to catch multiple games at once!

Entertainment Set Up. Consider the feel of the entire space. You can’t have a big screen T.V. without the support of an entertainment system. Whether it displays trophies from your own children’s youth championships or paraphernalia your favorite college team, make sure the display is ideal for viewing, but also sets a cool game day vibe to help even the most uninterested guests catch march madness fever.

Flooring. Your guests will already be floored by your game day set up, but keep in mind what goes under their feet! Hardwood or carpeting? If you’re expecting some soda spills or kids running in and out of the house, hardwood may be the way to go. If you want your guests to really kick their shoes off and feel right at home, then carpeting is for you! In this case, maybe you make sure most of the food and refreshments are kept in the kitchen area.

Food. Last, but certainly not least, the food you provide is probably the most important aspect aside from the game itself. Popcorn stand? Cotton candy machine? Maybe little cheeseburger sliders and wings and some ice cream cones for the kids. Bring the stadium home with the ultimate in game time snacks to keep everybody happy. Smaller, more bite sized treats are better to last throughout the whole game, but make sure your food set up allows easy access without disrupting the views of the game. The last thing you want is people constantly blocking the T.V. to replenish their plates! A wet bar is perfect for custom drink orders and easy refills, but make sure you’re stocked up on all your guests favorite beers and wines.

Utilize these tips for your entertainment space this March, and you’re sure to be the MVP of your friends and family!

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