Time to Get Your Home Ready for a New School Year!

Summer is flying by, and it’s time to get your family ready for the school year. From crazed mornings to packed afternoons to homework-laden evenings, your Stateson Homes home plays a huge role in keeping everyone on track. In order to make everything run as smoothly as possible, here are some tips for getting the house – and the kids – ready for September.

1.) Clean the house. This is especially important in the bedrooms, which act as bottomless receptacles for everything. De-clutter and toss remnants from the previous school year. Donate/give away outgrown clothes, old or unneeded sports equipment, musical instruments, etc.

2.) Get organized. Make sure closets, cubbies and hooks are set up and ready to deal with the influx of school-related stuff.

3.) Set up the family calendar/schedule. Soccer games, piano recitals, doctor’s appointments… plan it all out as far as you can. Put everything on the schedule so that everyone has an idea of what’s happening and when.

4.) Set up your command center. Whether it’s a white board, a chalk paint wall or a cork board, create a centralized location for chores, flyers, reminders, notes, permission slips, invitations, phone number list, etc.

5.) Create a study/homework station for each child. Preferably somewhere quiet, away from distractions like TV, video games and siblings. Stocked with pens, pencils, paper and other school materials.

6.) Stock up on healthy after-school snacks. Keep cut veggies, fresh fruit, cheese sticks, granola bars, yogurt cups easily accessible. Make sure the kids know where they can find everything so they don’t go rummaging through the cabinets.

7.) Spend time together. Be homebodies. Make the last week before school starts a family time. Read together, have game or movie nights. No rushing around. No last minute invitations. Once the craziness of school starts, you’ll be wishing for these special moments.

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