Start Fresh with these Spring Home Maintenance Tips!

Springtime is all about making a fresh start, so as the flowers start blooming and the sun starts shining, it’s time to freshen up your home! Before spring has officially sprung, it’s important to prepare your home & yard for the season. This spring maintenance checklist is full of tips and tricks to best protect your home!

  1. While they may be inevitable in the spring, did you know there are actually ways to prevent mosquitoes from taking over your yard? Walk around your lawn and remove any standing water from flower pots, patio furniture or lawn decor as they become a real magnet for pesky insects.
  2. Get out with the old, in with the new! Go through all your seasonal stuff in closets and storage and donate clothes, toys or books. Follow the rule of thumb: if you haven’t touched it, or worn it in the last year, get rid of it. Then you’ll make plenty of space for a new spring wardrobe!
  3. April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring water damage if you don’t check for loose drainpipes, and cracked or broken roof shingles. Your roof is your home’s primary defense against water damage, so make it’s protected.
  4. Your washer and dryer have worked hard all winter, so there could be some wear and tear on your machine’s fill hose. A leaky hose could cause major damage, so give it a quick inspection for any cracks. And make sure to clean out that dryer vent from all lint.
  5. Check your windows and screens. As the weather gets nicer, you’ll want to open up and let the fresh air in, but you don’t feel the same about all the bugs and gnats. If any holes are bigger than a quarter, the screens may need to be patched or replaced.
  6. Why not lessen your workload in the yard this spring? By draining old gas and oil and sharpening the blades of your lawn mower, you’ll make your yard work easier, lengthen the life of your equipment, improve the look of your lawn. Win, win, win.
  7. Checking your HVAC system isn’t an annual thing. You should be cleaning your system more than once a year, so use the start of spring as your reminder. Not only do dirty filters cause your system to work harder and raise utility bills, but nothing’s worse than turning the AC on and getting warm air on a hot day.
  8. Vacuum under and behind your refrigerator. In these spots, you’ll find coils that conduct the hot air inside the unit. By removing any dust coating these coils with a vacuum hose, they can do their job more efficiently and help you save on your electric bill!

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