Cool Ways To Summerize Your Bedroom!

Here are some tips for creating the perfect summer sanctuary!

Ditch your duvet. That goose down duvet may be just the thing when it’s nippy outside, but it’s hardly needed once the temperature goes up. If you like burrowing in a duvet or quilt, invest in a summer-weight model. They’re thinner and lighter, but still snuggly. Look for a cotton shell with down or poly fill.

Change your sheets. Even if you love them, your flannel or micro-fleece sheets are not remotely attractive when it’s hot outside. Find yourself linen sheets, and you’ll be in heaven. Linen is known for its exceptional coolness. As a natural fiber, its loose weave makes it more breathable and capable of absorbing moisture, which allows air to flow through the sheet easily and prevent it from clinging to your skin while you sleep.

Cotton is king. From PJs to sheets and blankets, 100% cotton is a classic summer-time fabric for a reason. It comes in a variety of weights and weaves, and is light and breezy no matter how sticky it is outside. Bonus: Cotton blankets are perfect if you’re chilled by the AC. Keep one at the foot of the bed.

Let the sunshine in! Don’t forget to lighten up your windows. Give your heavy winter window treatments a summer vacation. Switch to gauzy sheers or light-colored valances. Or maybe go with some bamboo or wood blinds.

Go lighter & brighter. Drop the dark colors and heavy textures. Make the move to brighter hues or soft pastels. Accent pillows in summery floral prints or cabana stripes. Or a throw blanket in pastel cotton will complete your bedroom’s summer-scape.

Bring the outdoors in. Treat yourself to vases of fresh flowers on your bedside table or a vignette of beach treasures on the dresser. Or switch up your artwork by displaying garden scenes or summer sunsets.

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