Cool Housewarming Traditions to Celebrate Your New Home

Congratulations! You’ve officially moved into your new home, and it’s time to enjoy it in all the ways you’ve been envisioning for so long. So why not kick it off by doing something special to commemorate this exciting time, and welcome yourselves to your new home! Get inspired with these unique housewarming traditions from around the world.

Light Candles Your First Night

It is called housewarming for a reason! A simple candle itself is a great housewarming gift as fire is a prominent symbol for strength and purity, while representing the good. Many European traditions involve lighting a candle or building a fire in the fireplace on the first night in a new home as a blessing that wards off evil spirits by bringing light into a dark space.

Put Out a Pineapple

During his second sea voyage in 1493, Christopher Columbus is said to be the first European to come face-to-face with a pineapple. It is also said that natives who hung fruit from their doorways were especially welcoming to imperial travelers. These concepts caught on with Colonial families who began showcasing pineapple-shaped decorations throughout their homes. At the time, a single pineapple could be sold for the equivalent of $8,000 today, boasting a sense of extravagance and wealth. Today, it’s a universal symbol of hospitality and warmth, so cut up a fresh pineapple to enjoy with family and friends or buy some pineapple decor for your common areas!

Bring Bread and Salt

It is believed that bread and salt should be the first two items purchased in any home due to their cherished symbolism. A gift of bread is to ensure that the residents will never go hungry, while salt will promise a life full of flavor! This tradition originated in Russia, but has been adopted by countries all over the world and in outer space! Astronauts bring ceremoniously bread and salt with them in their travels to celebrate the landing on their new “home.” So hit the local bakery and break bread with your friends and neighbors!

Burn Sage

Get rid of any negative energy with this Native American tradition. Burning sage in every room of your new home, specifically in each of the four corners, is said to add protection from evil spirits. It will also provide a nice aroma throughout your new home!

Prepare a Housewarming Meal

The French may get credit for this one, but it’s common all around the world for families to enjoy a nice delicious meal together as their first new memory in their new home. Cook one of your favorite dishes together, eat in the formal dining room and set the table nice to make the occasion more special. Dinner conversation will come easy as you discuss all the things you each love about your new home!

Keep a Piece of the Past

It’s ok to want to keep the memories from your old home close by, so it’s become very popular to pay tribute to your old home with something special in your new home. From framing the key to your very first house key to getting a painted portrait of your family home, there are a number of creative ways to say goodbye to the wonderful place that helped get you to where you are today… your dream home!

Make a To Do List

No, not the type of to-do list that involves cleaning and unpacking (even though you may have that list prepared too), but instead, the type of list that covers all the fun things your family plans to do in your new home and local area. Whether it’s having a family baking day, hiking the longest trail in your community from start to finish, or getting professional family portraits taken for your living room, think of all the things you can do to make your new home special and set out to do them all… together!

Throw a Party!

Your big move calls for celebration! Invite your friends, family and neighbors over for a little shindig with food and drinks, and have some fun entertaining for the first time in your new space. It’s a great chance to get to know your new neighbors a little better and to show off your new home. Prepare to double up on hosting and tour guide duties, so make sure your housewarming party is planned for when you’re comfortably settled in and have most of your belongings where you want them.

Pop a Bottle of Bubbly!

Enough said. Cheers!

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