6 Fun Recipes to Bake with the Kids

February is Bake for Family Fun month, and there’s no better way to spend quality time as a family than warming up with some delicious treats this winter! The kitchen is the perfect place to get a little messy experimenting with yummy recipes that are easy for kids and fun for everyone in the family! Try them all!

  1. Monster Cookies This is one fun cookie recipe that is scary good! With the use of vanilla cake mix, you’ll get soft, chewy cookies and a couple simple add-ins will have your kids playing with their food… in a good way! Grab food dye in their favorite colors and a couple candy eyeballs, and have fun creating your own little monsters! Get the Recipe.
  2. Build Your Own Pizza Any night of the week can become a pizza party when you create a little pizza bar for the kids! Pre-packaged pizza dough or crescent rolls (substitute a gluten-free option if needed!) make the perfect personal pizza crusts to load on all your favorite toppings! Stock up on veggies, cheeses, pepperoni, and more to satisfy everyone’s cravings, and have fun building the perfect pie! Get the Recipe.
  3. French Toast Bites Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not have a Cinnamon Sunday this weekend with cinnamon French Toast! With a little extra cinnamon and sugar, these bites will be as tasty as doughnuts, but much easier to make. Plus, a small cookie cutter can be used to slice the bread into fun shapes that will make each bite even better! Get the Recipe.
  4. Meatball Boats What’s a meatball’s preferred way to travel? By boat! This fun twist on meatball sandwiches will have your kids using their imaginations to help you make a delicious dinner favorite! They’ll love getting their hands dirty and helping you roll out the ground beef and then topping their boat with yummy cheese and marinara sauce! Get the Recipe.
  5. Dirt and Worms This classic childhood favorite will never go out of style! With cool whip, gummy worms and crushed oreos, it’s all of our favorite things in one! They end product may be too cute (or realistic) to even eat it! Get the Recipe.
  6. S’mores Pie Pops We’d like s’more of these pie pops please! Four simple ingredients and you’ve got a neat little snack that’s fun to make and fun to eat! Load up the cookie cutter pie crusts with mini marshmallows and lots of chocolate, and let the oven do the toasting! A little fork work and you can create little flowers, sunshines, or other shapes that’ll have you thinking of summertime! Get the Recipe. Some of the best family time is spent in the kitchen, so grab your ingredients and satisfy that savory or sweet tooth together with any of these fun recipes!

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