Building New Homes in Blacksburg, Radford, and The New River Valley
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A message from Stateson Homes president, Todd Robertson
A Message From Stateson Homes President
Nick Campagnoli thumbnail
Meet The Team - Nick Campagnoli, Sales Manager
Adrienne Kingma image
Meet the Team - Adrienne Kingma, Sales Manager
Josh Boothe video thumbnail
Meet the Team - Joshua Boothe, Project Manager


Homeowners Frank and Cristina video thumbnail
Meet Homeowners Frank and Cristina
Vests testimonial thumbnail
Homeowner Testimonial - David and Cari
Knarrs testimonial thumbnail
Homeowner Testimonial - John and Donna
Homeowner testimonial video thumbnail
Homeowner Testimonial - Kara
A heartwarming homeowner story
Heartwarming Homeowner Story
A homeowner discusses her new home and one year inspection
Homeowner Testimonial After One Year Inspection
Customer Service thumbnail image
Stateson Homes Customer Service Testimonial
Happy Homeowners thumbnail image
Stateson Homes Happy Homeowners
New Home thumbnail image
Meet These Stateson Homes Homeowners
New Home thumbnail image
What I Like Most About My Stateson Home


Heron's Landing video thumbnail
Heron’s Landing at the River


Chesapeake walkthrough thumbnail
The Chesapeake Model Home
The Kentland Model Home
The Kentland Model Home