Building New Homes in Blacksburg, Radford, and The New River Valley
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New is all you.

Your home should reflect your life, your style, your choices. Used is always a compromise...and always a question. (How old is that bathtub, anyway?) When you buy a brand new home from Stateson Homes, you always get what you want — including peace-of-mind. Why settle for somebody else's version of your dream home? Before you buy "used," come see us. For a lot less than you think, you can own a gorgeous all-new home from Stateson Homes.

Compare New vs. Used

Features New Stateson Home Used Home
New Home Warranty YES! NONE.
Everything Around You is New! YES! RARELY.
All New Systems
Heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical.
YES! NO WARRANTIES. Costly inspections and repairs. Ongoing maintenance.
Modern Architecture
Current floorplans that reflect the way you live today!
YES! VARIES. When buying used, consider the costs involved in updating items that you may want to change.
New Advanced Building Materials = Built to CURRENT Codes YES! VARIES.
Peace of Mind
Our new homes come backed with 10-year standard warranties.
YES! MAYBE. Hidden defects are not usually uncovered until after the purchase.
Choice / Selection / Personalization YES! NONE. They've been chosen for you. Why settle for someone else's taste?
Upgrades Available
One of the greatest benefits of buying new is the flexibility in choosing you own options and designs.
Energy Efficient
New homes are typically 30% more efficient on energy bills.